DNA Testing

The U.S. State Department is implementing worldwide new procedures for the collection of DNA samples for immigrant visa classifications. The new procedures are designed to insure the integrity of the DNA sampling process. The testing is entirely voluntary and all costs and expenses associated with it must be borne entirely by the petitioner and/or the beneficiary.

From this point on, all collection of DNA samples will be done at the U.S. Embassy. The collections will be done by the Embassy’s local panel physicians. All costs related to this procedure will be paid directly to the panel physician. In order to complete the procedure, applicant(s) will need to present a valid passport and a photo.

Samples will be sent directly to labs in the United States for analysis. Once samples are collected, the Consular Section will be responsible for their return to the U.S. Applicants seeking to demonstrate their relationship with a petitioner in the U.S. are also required to provide photographic, documentary or other non-DNA proof of the relationship.