USAID/OFDA Administrative Management Assistant (May 26)

Vacancy Announcement


The U.S. Mission in Budapest is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of USAID/OFDA Administrative Management Assistant.

The work schedule for this position is: Full Time – 40 hours per week

Salary: HUF 5.913.196 /Per Year

Series/Grade: LE – 8

Close Date: 06/15/2020



In the event that OFDA responds to a natural disaster or complex emergency, the Administrative Management Assistant may deploy to the field or Washington, D.C. to serve as an Administrative Officer on OFDA Disaster Assistance Response Teams (DARTs) or Response Management Teams (RMTs). Work on a response can be complex and requires a higher level of knowledge and skills, and can occur in a challenging work environment at a much faster pace than the level of support provided in a typical office environment. Given that disasters can happen at any time and anywhere, the Administrative Management Assistant should be prepared to assist the OFDA team in the region to respond to a disaster at any time, seven days a week, and be prepared to deploy as necessary.

For further information and to apply, please visit the Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) website.