Welfare and Whereabouts

Welfare and Whereabouts

ACS can assist you in locating a U.S. citizen family member or friend who is missing.  Also, ACS can assist you should you become concerned about the welfare of a U.S. citizen.  Keep in mind that once an individual is located, you will be notified only if he/she has signed an authorization to waive his/her Privacy Act rights.

In contacting ACS about these types of cases, please have at hand the name of the person you are looking for, his/her U.S. passport number, date and place of birth, travel plans and the date when he/she entered Hungary.

Visit in Jail

If an American citizen is arrested, he/she has the right to request that authorities notify the Embassy.  Consuls cannot get you out of jail–when you are in a foreign country, you are subject to its local laws.  However, they can work to protect your legitimate interests and ensure that you do not face discrimination.  They can provide you with a list of local attorneys, visit you, inform you generally about local laws, and contact your family and friends.  They can try to obtain relief if you are held under inhumane or unhealthy conditions.

Selective Service Registration

For males over the age of 18, this registration can be done at ACS or you can register on-line through the Selective Service System.