Frequently Asked Questions About U.S. Citizenship And Passports

In November 1990, the interpretation of U.S. law concerning the acquisition of another nationality was changed. It is now possible for U.S. citizens to become Hungarian nationals without losing their U.S. citizenship. Citizens of the United States who wish to acquire Hungarian nationality may request a copy of the information handout prepared by ACS as a guide to prevent the loss of U.S. nationality. For information on Hungarian naturalization, please contact the Hungarian authorities as we have no information on application procedures. Citizens of both the United States and Hungary are de facto recognized by both countries. Being born in Hungary of foreign parents does not automatically make the child a Hungarian national. U.S. citizens who acquire dual nationality during childhood are not required by U.S. law to choose one nationality or another upon reaching the age of 18. One does not risk losing U.S. citizenship unless one performs certain conclusively expatriating acts. Upon request, ACS can send you information sheets on “Possible Loss of U.S. Citizenship” and “Dual Nationality” by mail. You can also visit the Department of State’s Advice about Advice about Possible Loss of U.S. Nationality and Dual Nationality page.

Hungarians who become naturalized American citizens do not lose their Hungarian citizenship under Hungarian law, and American citizens do not jeopardize their U.S. citizenship by obtaining a Hungarian passport. Please be aware, however, that the U.S. Embassy is sometimes prevented from extending certain protections to dual nationals when they are in the countries of their nationalities and are documented as citizens of that country. More information can be found on the Department of State’s Dual Nationality page.

If you are not physically able to come to the Consulate, you can obtain a power of attorney for someone to act on your behalf in bringing your completed application with photos and the required passport fees to the Consulate. Please note that this procedure does not apply to lost/stolen/mutilated passport case nor to first-time applicants.

For information on entry requirements for a specific country, please go to the Entry/Exit Requirements section in the Country Specific Information.