Telephones and Cell Phones

Direct dial telephone service to most countries from Hungary is available and reliable. In the last few years, Hungary has updated its telephone system and increased the quality of service. Long-distance calling cards such as AT&T and MCI, or an international callback service can be used here. American telephones, including most cordless phones, answering machines, and fax machines will operate in Hungary although devices with internal clocks may run slower because of the difference in cycles in the electrical current.

If you are interested in obtaining an international telephone callback service:

Cell Phones

Hungary has an extensive cellular telephone network and personal cell phones are commonplace. Customers can choose to either prepay for their phone usage or purchase a monthly payment plan. Both payment methods have advantages and disadvantages and should be weighed based on a customer’s need. Major providers are:

Please find international calling guide with detailed information on how to call internationally from the U.S. or how to call the U.S. from abroad: