Public Transportation

Public transportation in Budapest is excellent. Budapest and its environs are well serviced by a network of buses, trams, trolleys, and subway lines. Ticketing is on the honor system; however, Metro police make routine ticket checks and will issue on-the-spot cash violations for failure to present a correctly punched, valid ticket or metro pass. Monthly and yearly passes are available at major metro stations and can be used for all forms of public transportation. For more information on fares and services, please refer to Your Practical Guide to Budapest Public Transport (PDF 3.2 MB) published by BKK Centre for Budapest Transport. The printed version of this brochure is available at BKK customer service centers throughout the city.

Taxis are readily available 24 hours a day and, despite some documented taxi scams, are reasonably priced. Fares vary depending on the company and the time of day.

For information about Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport, please visit the Airport website.

For information about the Hungarian Railways (MAV), please visit the MAV website.