Remarks by Chargé Dillard at Kristallnacht Commemoration

On November 9, Chargé Dillard joined the global initiative of the International March of the Living to commemorate Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass. The night of November 9 – 10, 1938 saw the destruction of thousands of synagogues and Jewish institutions in Nazi Germany, a prelude to the Holocaust. In his remarks delivered in front of the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest, Chargé Dillard highlighted the United States’ commitment to Holocaust remembrance and combating anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance.


“Good evening, everyone. Tonight, we remember the horrific events of 83 years ago, on November 9, 1938. Broken glass filled German streets as Jewish businesses and houses of worship were robbed and vandalized, and hatred spread.

We recall the past so that we can understand the Holocaust in all of its dimensions. We recall, so that we see the countless individual acts that vilified and dehumanized people. We remember so that we can continue to stand strong against antisemitism, and hate in all its forms, so that such atrocities are not repeated. Standing together today, though, is not only about remembering; it is about guiding our present and future.

The United States remains committed to fighting antisemitism and Holocaust denial. We will continue to act against these evils through platforms such as the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and through our work with partners here in Hungary and elsewhere around the world.

We commend all the courageous individuals and groups who speak out against revisionism and condemn hate and intolerance. We remember and we act with our partners so that such atrocities never happen again. Thank you very much.”

Watch the full, 30-minute video of the Commemoration event by March of the Living Hungary at