One Year Since Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

Embassy of the United States of America

Budapest, Hungary

February 24, 2023



One Year Since Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

Today marks one year since Russia launched its brutal, unjustifiable, full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In a video message to the Hungarian people marking this bitter anniversary, Ambassador David Pressman said: “Amid this nightmare, brave Ukrainians continue to prove their courage to defend their country, to stand up for their freedom, and – ultimately – to achieve a peace that is comprehensive, just, and lasting. And they deserve our full support.”

The American people will continue to stand by Ukraine in the face of Russia’s assault on liberty and democracy. The Ambassador continued: “The United States will, as we have done for decades, continue to stand for the dream of a Ukraine whole, free, and at peace, alongside our Allies and partners, and now with the brave people of Ukraine, for as long as it takes.”

Our European Allies and partners continue to rise to the challenge of this decisive moment. We commend those who have welcomed more than five million refugees across their borders, including Hungary.

This week, Prime Minister Orbán reportedly identified the United States – Hungary’s Ally – as one of three threats facing the country. In his State of the Nation address, the Prime Minister asserted that Hungary is in the “peace camp.” But there is not a “peace camp” and a “war camp.” There is only Russia and those who will not acknowledge its accountability for continuing this war, and those who support Ukraine’s right and ability to defend its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. In his State of the Nation address, the Prime Minister named several U.S. officials, but he entirely omitted the name of the one person who could end this senseless war today: Vladimir Putin.