Information on Entering Hungary from Ukraine 

The U.S. Embassy in Budapest is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. Currently, there has been no change in the security situation in Hungary.  For U.S. Embassy Budapest Alerts and Messages, please click here. 

Hungary COVID-19 Border Restrictions  

For U.S. Embassy Kyiv Alerts and Messages, please click here. 

The Department of State offers international travel and safety resources including: 



U.S. Embassy Budapest 

Szabadság tér 12 

H-1054 Budapest, Hungary 


American Citizen Services 

Tel: (+36) 1-475-4164, 08:00-17:00, M-F.  After-hours U.S. citizen emergencies (+36) 1-475-4400. 



We encourage U.S. citizens traveling into Hungary by land from Ukraine to cross at the Záhony border crossing. The U.S. embassy will have staff stationed near this crossing to provide assistance. Please contact or call +36-1-475-4400 (ask for American Citizens Services). U.S. citizens do not need a visa to enter Hungary but should be prepared to show proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. 


Complete information on Hungarian Entry Restrictions can be found at 



Gas stations, grocery stores, and ATMs are available in the towns of Záhony and Kisvarda. 




Erste Bank, Ady Endre ut 27, 4600 Kisvarda 

K&H Bank, Ady Endre ut 37, 4600 Kisvarda 

OTP Bank, Ady Endre ut 27-29, 4600 Kisvarda 


Gas Stations
MOL, 4.Sz Fkl Ut, 4625 Zahony

Grocery Store 

Penny Market:  Krudy Gyula ut 565/16 Hrsz, 4625 Zahony 




OPT Bank (inside Tesco) Városmajor út 72., Kisvárda 

OTP Bank, Malom koz, 4600 Kisvarda 

Erste Bank, Szent Laszlo ut 26, 4600 Kisvarda 

Takarek Bank, Szent Laslo u 66, 4600 Kisvarda 


Gas Stations 

Tesco (Shell): Városmajor út 72., 4600 Kisvárda 

MOL: Attilla ut, 4600 Kisvarda   

Shell: Csillag utca 46, 4600 Kisvarda 


Grocery Stores 

Tesco: Városmajor út 72., 4600 Kisvárda 

Aldi: Városmajor u. 53, 4600 Kisvárda 

Penny Market: Városmajor u. 68, 4600 Kisvárda 


Travel Documents 

Americans with a valid passport can enter Hungary for up to 90 days without a visa. Passports must have at least six months of validity remaining.  


Emergency Number 

For ambulance, police, or fire services, dial 112. Dispatchers speak English and Hungarian.  

For the National COVID-19 Helpline, and questions regarding COVID-19 regulations in Hungary, dial +1812. 



The official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Credit/debit card payment is available for most services or purchases all around country. ATMs are widely available throughout Hungary.  


FAQs: Travel from Zahony border to Kisvarda


How far is it from Zahony border crossing to Kisvarda? The road distance is 23 kilometers (14.3 miles). 

 What is the most cost-effective way to get from Zahony to Kisvarda?  Rail is the most cost-effective way.  There is no bus between Zahony and Kisvarda. Rail tickets cost is approximately 1000 HUF.  The Kisvarda rail station is located at 2 Baross Gabor ut, Kisvarda 4600. Complete schedule and planner is available at Rail information is also available by phone: +36 1 349 4949. 

 What other ways can one get from Zahony to Kisvarda? The quickest way to get from Zahony to Kisvarda is by personal car, which takes about 20 minutes. Taxis are available and will cost approximately 7000 – 10,000 HUF. There is no direct bus available between the two towns.  

The below taxi drivers can pick passengers up and the border and transport them to Kisvarda: 

  • Folmives Andras +3630 945 4604 
  • Molnar Jozsef +36 30 3000 533 
  • Hamza Sandor +36 30 623 0512 

 Where can I stay near Zahony? Kisvarda is the nearby town with lodging and other services available.  

  • Varda Sport Hotel; Address: Városmajor u. 43C, 4600 Kisvárda. 
  • Parish Bull Hotel; Address: 4600 Kisvárda, Árpád u. 31-33. 

 Where is the closest hospital? 

Szent Damjan Hospital, Kisvarda 

Address: 4600 Kisvárda, Árpád u. 26. 

Tel: (+36) 45/502-100

What is the cheapest way to get from Kisvarda to Budapest? The cheapest way to get from Kisvarda to Budapest is by rail. The train station is located at 2 Baross Gabor ut, 4600 Kisvarda.  Each ticket costs approximately 6,000 HUF and trains run from 0400 to 1840 daily. The journey takes approximately 4.5 hours.  

 What’s the fastest way to get from Kisvarda to Budapest? The fastest way to get to Budapest is by car. The M3 highway is the main route connecting north-eastern Hungary with Budapest. The journey takes 3 hours.  



The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has exercised its enforcement discretion to allow certain persons from Ukraine to travel to the United States without a pre-departure COVID-19 test. For more information, please refer to the CDC website at: Amended Order: Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test Result or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Airline Passengers Arriving into the United States | Quarantine | CDC. 


Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has determined that it is in the national interest to permit the entry to the United States of certain individuals traveling from Ukraine without showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to traveling to the United States. For more information on this National Interest Exception, please refer to the DHS website at: 



Poland: U.S. citizens may enter Poland by air. Information about land entry from Ukraine for U.S. citizens can be found here: Ukraine Information Page – U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Poland ( U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Poland’s webpage describes general entry and exit requirements (located under the header “Entry and Exit Requirements”). Travelers arriving from outside the Schengen Area by land must present a COVID-19 test result in Polish or English taken 24 hours prior to arrival. Travelers are released from the 7-day quarantine obligation with a negative test and proof of full vaccination, or proof of recovery from illness. If you are unvaccinated and have not recently had COVID, you must test, but you will still be subject to quarantine. Quarantine obligations may be waived for those with proof of plans to transit Poland. The Polish Border Guard’s webpage also provides relevant information (in Polish). 


Slovakia: U.S. citizens may enter Slovakia at the land border with Ukraine provided they pre-register with the Slovakia government and meet one of the following conditions: are fully vaccinated per Slovak regulation; have a Slovak residence permit; have an immediate relative who is a Slovak citizen; or have an immediate relative who is a Slovak resident.  Unvaccinated individuals fleeing war or conflict in Ukraine are not required to pre-register or quarantine when crossing into Slovakia, but they must leave Slovakia within 72 hours of entry.  Fully vaccinated individuals who register in advance are not subject to any COVID-19 restrictions on length of stay. Boosters are not a requirement of “fully vaccinated” status. 


Moldova: Vaccinated and unvaccinated U.S. citizens may enter Moldova, although travel restrictions will vary depending on vaccination status. The U.S. Embassy in Moldova’s COVID-19 webpage describes entry and exit requirements (located under the header “Entry and Exit Requirement”). The Moldovan Border Police’s webpage also provides relevant information (in Moldovan). Important note: travelers should not enter Moldova through the breakaway region of Transnistria, where the U.S. Embassy has limited access and may not be able to provide the full range of assistance to U.S. citizens. The main Moldova-Ukraine border crossing south of Transnistria is Palanca – Maiaki Udobnoe. North of Transnistria, the first Moldova-Ukraine border crossing is Otaci – Moghileov-Podolsk. Travelers entering Moldova through Transnistria will need to subsequently register their entry with Moldovan government authorities and may be subject to additional checks by the “authorities” of the Transnistria region. Travelers should note the Chisinau-Odesa train goes through Transnistria. More information on Transnistria can be found here.