Hungary’s NATO Commitments

“Our alliances are strong because of our commitments to each other – and the commitments we keep.” – Ambassador David Pressman

Video: HVG

“Our aim is, and we have indicated this to the representatives of the Swedish and Finnish governments, that their NATO membership applications will be ratified by the Parliament this year. 

The Finns and the Swedes are our allies, and just as we can count on our allies, they can also count on us. We’ve always said that we were in favor of the ratification, and we would like to accept it in this parliamentary season. Just as we can count on our allies, they can also count on us.”  

–Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office 


“The Hungarian government’s position will not change. So we are in favor of both the Swedish and Finnish accession. As far as NATO accession is concerned, what I can tell you is that this has no significance, because we won’t be last to ratify the NATO accession. So that we will ratify the Swedish and Finnish NATO accession documents before Turkey. The principle of the free mandate is important, but the support of the governing parties seems to be granted.  Just as we can count on our allies, they can also count on us.  

–Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office 


“Hungary joined NATO after the collapse of the communism. That means that we are not founding members. Therefore, we are a country that has been admitted. We could have been rejected, but we have been accepted. I believe that this gives Hungary a kind of moral obligation: if someone wants to join NATO, and if from a Hungarian point of view this is not a matter of any great disinterest, without any significant Hungarian damage of interest, then, if they want to join, we should welcome them on board, just as we were taken on board. 

I think it’s a logical behavior, and it’s a right behavior both from a human point of view, and in terms of integrity. This is why I’ve asked the faction to support Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership, and this is why the government submitted the proposal to the Parliament asking the Members of Parliament to vote in favor. But Members of Parliament are not very enthusiastic, let this be said between ourselves.” 

–Prime Minister Viktor Orbán 


“There’s a promise we have made, that Hungary will not block Sweden’s accession to NATO, notwithstanding our concerns, which wouldn’t be unjustified given Sweden’s and the Swedish government’s – especially the previous governments’ – behavior towards Hungary. But Hungary does not intend to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, and this is the promise that we can maintain.” 

–Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office 


“I am fully supportive of Sweden’s membership the soonest possible. Second, you asked about our meeting with the prime minister on Monday; of course we talked about Sweden’s membership, as well. He reiterated that Hungary won’t be the last to ratify Sweden’s membership to NATO.”  

–President Katalin Novák 


Which country do you think will ratify the accession application first: Turkey or Hungary? 

“We have said that we would not hinder Sweden’s accession to NATO.” 

–Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office