Find the eagle at SZIN between August 23 and 26!

The U.S. Embassy Budapest is closing the summer with our participation in the upcoming Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok (SZIN) festival, where we invite you to join us for fun, engaging activities, and the chance to learn more about the United States and our cultural exchange programs.


At our booth in Szeged, we present you with an array of America-related quizzes, word searches, and coloring pages. Test your knowledge about the United States, its history, landmarks, famous personalities, and more with our entertaining quizzes. Challenge yourself with exciting word searches featuring American cities and states. For our younger guests, we have some fun coloring pages. If you want more than the joy of learning, rest easy: we have a range of U.S. branded items to reward your efforts with.


Our regular SZIN guests know that we have something special in store! Following our tradition this year as well, you’ll have a chance to participate in fitness challenges led by the U.S. Marines. Whether it’s push-ups or lifting boxes, these fitness challenges promise to test your endurance. Embrace the opportunity to interact with our Marines and witness their dedication to strength, discipline, and camaraderie. Oh, and you can totally take pictures with them!


While you enjoy the activities at our booth, take the time to connect with our friendly representatives who will be more than happy to discuss the cultural exchange programs offered by the U.S. Embassy Budapest and our partners, the American Corner Szeged, the FLEX exchange program and the Youth Council. From scholarships to fellowships, we strive to provide opportunities that promote cooperation between our countries

Join us at the festival in Szeged to create lasting memories. Find the eagle at SZIN, between August 23 and 26. See you there!