Ambassador Pressman Travels to Baranya County

Embassy of the United States of America

Budapest, Hungary

April 19, 2023


Ambassador Pressman Travels to Baranya County

Ambassador David Pressman traveled to Baranya County on April 17-18.  He began his visit by meeting residents of Keszü, alongside MP Tamás Mellár, Mayor Attila Buday-Sántha, and several local residents.  The Ambassador welcomed the opportunity to hear the perspectives of Hungarians living in Baranya County and expressed his commitment to continue traveling across Hungary to hear as many viewpoints as possible.

Mayor Attila Péterffy welcomed the Ambassador to Pécs, followed by meetings with several local community organizations.  During their discussion, he said: “Civil society plays a vital role in every community.  It was wonderful to spend time with a diverse array of local community organizations working hard to ensure Hungarians from all walks of life have access to opportunities.”

Ambassador Pressman also visited the National Virology Laboratory at the University of Pécs, which has played a key role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and in cooperation with the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  Ambassador Pressman told university leadership: “The vital work happening at the University of Pécs is just one example of the many thriving academic and research partnerships between Hungarian and American institutions from which we can all benefit.”

The Ambassador met with a group of Hungarian high school students to discuss their thoughts about the challenges and opportunities confronting Hungarians, Hungary, and the United States.  The Ambassador thanked the managing director of the Zsolnay Quarter for its generous partnership in hosting the American Corner in Pécs.  He also toured the legendary Zsolnay Porcelain Factory to see how their beautiful products and tiles are made.  He commended the leadership of the Zsolnay Porcelain Factory for their commitment to preserving this cultural institution.  He also visited Gandhi Roma High School, where he engaged with students, faculty, and administrators about Roma culture, educational opportunities for Roma, and efforts to serve vulnerable communities in Hungary.

Traveling to nearby Mohács, Mayor Gábor Pávkovics warmly welcomed Ambassador Pressman and introduced him to local artisans at the Busóudvar.  The Ambassador said:  “The opportunity to learn about the fascinating and unique Busójárás tradition was truly special.  It was wonderful to meet talented artists devoted to preserving Hungarian culture.  I look forward to returning to Mohács to witness the festival for myself.”  He also visited the Mohács Historical Memorial Site at Sátorhely, a deeply moving tribute to Hungarian bravery in the face of impossible odds.

Additionally, Ambassador Pressman met with a group of women innovators and entrepreneurs in Pécs, in addition to engaging with several local media outlets.

At the conclusion of his trip, Ambassador Pressman said: “The importance of a more productive relationship between the United States and Hungary was a common theme of my discussions with both political leaders across party lines and other Hungarians in Baranya County.  On that point, we all agree.”

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