McDaniel College – 25 Years in Budapest

Photo credit: McDaniel College

Ambassador Cornstein was delighted to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of McDaniel College’s Budapest Campus on April 26, 2019. The campus is the only fully accredited American undergraduate higher education institution in Hungary and has been building cross-cultural connections between the United States and Hungary since 1994.

McDaniel College is a private institution of higher education, located in Westminster, Maryland, founded more than 150 years ago. A branch campus of that institution was established in 1994 in Budapest, Hungary, in collaboration with College International, a Hungarian educational organization.

Over the past 25 years, McDaniel College has enrolled over two thousand undergraduate students from over 40 different countries. Some of the students come from countries that have abandoned an autocratic political system in the recent past or are still under such a system. Therefore, McDaniel College encourages democratic values and aims at strengthening civil society through education and teaches students to exercise global citizenship and civil responsibility.

Among the multicultural student body, the College welcomes 20 to 30 American study abroad students each semester from their main campus in Westminster Maryland and from several other US colleges. The Budapest Campus also receives a visiting professor from the Maryland campus each year.

The Budapest campus offers five majors in Business Administration and Economics, Political Science and International Studies, Communication, Psychology, Art History and Studio Art. The Budapest Campus also introduced a special study track in 2009 for those international students who are interested in life sciences, by providing them opportunities for further studies in the medical and veterinary fields.

The students of the Budapest Campus are also encouraged to spend a part of their education at the main campus in Westminster, Maryland.