Guard (June 29)

Vacancy Announcement


U.S. Mission Budapest

Announcement Number: Budapest-2020-010 RA 1

Position Title:  Guard 

Opening Period:  06/29/2020 – 07/13/2020

Series/Grade: LE – 0710 4

Salary:  (HUF) 3,981,313 gross p.a.

Duties: The Guard provides static and mobile vehicle security for Chief of Mission (COM) personnel, facilities and residences by conducting access control, visitor screening duties, and residential checks as a member of a guard program. S/he detects, deters, responds, and reports potential criminal and terrorists acts directed against U.S. Government personnel, facilities, and residences.  The Guard protects U.S. Government personnel, facilities, residences and equipment from damage or loss. The Local Guard Force (LGF) is one component of the Mission’s security apparatus and complements other physical, technical, and procedural security systems. The Guard shall carry out specific actions as described in General and Post Orders. S/he shall prevent unauthorized access; protect life; maintain order; deter criminal attacks against employees; dependents and property and terrorist acts against all U.S. assets, and prevent damage to Government property. The Guard operate as both static and mobile patrol on a rotating shift basis. This guard will be in the positions of Mobile Patrol, Chief of Mission Residence (CMR), Warehouse, and Chancery. S/he will perform special duties, such as but not limited to personnel inspections, provide limited work guidance on access control operations and routine security equipment maintenance.

For further information and to apply, please visit the Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) website.