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In compliance with U.S. law, an employment application received from any individual not present in Hungary at the time of submission is ineligible for consideration. American citizens are required under Hungarian law to obtain residency in Hungary in order to work. An American citizen, who is offered employment by the U.S. Government and who is not already a resident of Hungary, must enter Hungary on a labor visa that has been issued by a Hungarian authority in the United States. Any expenses associated with this lengthy process are the responsibility of the applicant, e.g. transportation, physical examination, etc.

All offers of employment are based on availability of funding. The U.S. Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Transitioning to Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA)

ERA is our new electronic applicant management system.  ERA will make job applications much easier by allowing you to apply online!  You will save time with your applications and enjoy increased communications with the Embassy’s recruitment team.

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For the list of available vacancies through ERA, please click this link.