Public Diplomacy Section


People-to-people relations between the United States and Hungary form the bedrock of our bilateral relationship. The Public Diplomacy Section supports and builds America’s relationship with the people of Hungary through educational and cultural exchanges, press and social media outreach, and the Mission’s small grants program.

The Cultural Affairs Office offers U.S. academic exchange programs, administered through local partners. These programs include FLEX, Humphrey, BFTF, and many others. They also collaborate closely with the binational Fulbright Commission on the Fulbright exchange opportunities. Other programs include providing student advising services and computer-based testing through the Fulbright Commission, arranging lecturers on foreign policy and security topics, supporting civic education and democracy building projects, and encouraging partnerships between U.S. and Hungarian cultural organizations.

The press and social media team supports messaging related to the Embassy and America’s relationship with Hungary. The team handles media inquiries, and communicates with local and international media.


Press and Information Office

The Press and Information Office of the Public Diplomacy Section provides press support and information for the Ambassador and all sections of the U.S. Mission, as well as for high-level U.S. Government visitors, trade missions, and official delegations.

We work with members of the media to provide information on policies of the U.S. Administration, disseminate U.S. Government statements, and respond to queries from journalists regarding U.S. Government actions and positions.

The team manages the Embassy’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, and offers this comprehensive website as well.