International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)


In 1994, the governments of the United States and Hungary reached an agreement for Hungary to host a regional training academy for law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors.  The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) opened in Budapest in April 1995 and was the first of the five ILEA facilities around the world, all of which support criminal justice sector development in their regions.  Since its founding, more than 24,000 participants from countries throughout Central/Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa have trained at ILEA Budapest.  Curriculum at ILEA Budapest focuses on anti-corruption, cyber-enabled crime, countering violent extremism, and all forms of transnational organized crime, including the trafficking of narcotics, humans, and wildlife.

The ILEA program advances U.S. interests in combating transnational organized crime by developing relationships between the U.S. law enforcement entities and criminal justice officials around the world; providing training and technical assistance to support institution building and law enforcement capabilities; and fostering regional law enforcement networks in key areas to facilitate effective law enforcement between our foreign partner countries. ILEA plays a critical function defending U.S. interests in a multilateral forum, enforcing global standards for government capacity to counter transnational criminal activity and emphasizing international cooperation.

ILEA Budapest shares a campus with the Hungarian International Training Center, which provides dedicated officers and employees to assist in administering this program.