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PR12164941 Rain Gutter Cleaning at USG owned Residences

The U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary requires the cleaning of rain gutters and down spouts, with small roof cover repair works, at 10+ U.S. government-owned properties located in various districts of Budapest, Hungary. The work is to be performed twice: first between December, 2023 and January, 2024 and then between April and June of 2024. Some of the buildings will require scaffolding, cherry picker, or rope access techniques. The contractor will be required to prepare and submit a safety plan for the entire project before execution.

All firms that respond to this solicitation must be technically qualified and financially responsible to perform such a service. At a minimum, each offeror must meet the following requirements to submit a proposal:

  • Have an established business with a permanent address and telephone listing in Hungary;
  • Be able to understand written and spoken English;
  • Have the necessary personnel, equipment, and financial resources available to perform the work, including trained and qualified employees for the rope access work.
  • Have all licenses and permits required by local law;
  • Have liability insurance;
  • Have no adverse criminal record;
  • Have no political or business affiliation which could be considered contrary to the interest of the United States of America;
  • Be registered or ready to register in the SAM database at

Responding contractors can obtain the solicitation package from Contracting Specialist Zsolt Gulyas at, reference number PR12164941. This advertisement is valid until 12/05/2023.”