Summer Work Travel Photo Contest

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2017 Winners

Are you a Hungarian student participating in the 2018 Summer Work Travel (SWT) Program?  If so, this photo contest is for you!  And if you participated in any previous years, welcome back!  Please note there are some changes for the 2018 program – please read all the rules below to make sure your photo qualifies!

This year’s topic is #HiddenTreasuresUSA.  We would like to see what caught your eye, what surprised you, or what amazed you during your stay in the United States.  Send us your photos of unique places, special events, hidden natural beauties, or of anything that only you could see and catch.  Just a hint: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon and other popular tourist destinations are great, but they are not exactly “hidden.”  However, photos that capture a lesser known detail of a popular place, or show it from an unusual angle thus revealing its hidden beauty are welcome.  Let people see America’s treasures through your eyes!

An Embassy jury will select the best photos for a spot in our 2019 SWT calendar.  Judges will select contest winners from among all eligible entries based on the following criteria: technical excellence, artistic merit, originality, composition, and ability to showcase the unique experience of visiting the United States.  One “fan favorite” contest winner will also be selected through an audience vote.


The Embassy will issue a 2019 calendar with the 14 best photos (13 months – January-December 2019 and January 2020, plus a cover photo), and each winner will get 10 copies of this calendar.

The Embassy will hold an exhibition of the best photos, and the photographers of those photos will be invited to the opening reception.

Who can enter the contest?

Hungarian citizens who are participating in the U.S. Department of State’s Summer Work Travel Program in 2018 are eligible to enter the contest.

young man taking a photo of the sunset on a motorbike

How to submit photos:

  • Please upload your photo album to the Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link with this e-mail address:   Please note: We are NOT accepting submissions via Facebook.
  • Photo specifications:
    — File format: jpg
    — Minimum resolution: participants should only submit high resolution (at least 3,000 pixels or greater in size in any dimension) photos that are suitable for printing.
    — Both B&W and color photos are accepted
    We will NOT consider photos that do not comply with the above specifications.
  • How many photos can one enter in the contest? You may share with us up to 10 photos, but maximum 2 photos per applicant may be selected as winning photos.
  • Please also submit a Registration Form together with your photo. We will NOT consider photos submitted without this Form (PDF, 471KBWord: 19KB). You may share the form with us along your photos or email it separately.


  • Submission dates: We will accept photos from August 1 through September 30, 2018.
  • Winners will be announced on October 25, 2018.

Privacy Issues

  • If the photo shows people in an identifiable manner (i.e., their faces) their consent is needed.  By submitting a photograph to the contest, the contestant affirms that he or she has obtained written consent from all individuals whose image or likeness appears in the photograph (or from the individuals’ parent/legal guardian if any such individuals are considered a minor in their country of residence).
  • Photos of children must be taken in a way that ensures that the children’s faces are NOT shown – the faces can be blurred with photo-editing software, but this must be done by the photographer prior to submission.
  • For details about privacy issues, please consult section e of Content Requirements of the Official Rules.

Official Rules

In addition to reviewing the above summary, please make sure you read the Official Photo Contest Rules (PDF, 388KB). 

Contact information

Should you have any questions concerning the contest, please send us a Facebook message, or e-mail us at

Join the Facebook event and get inspired!

The SWT program offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the United States and collect lifelong experiences!  So get your camera or smart phone ready, and take your #HiddenTreasuresUSA photo! We look forward to seeing your photos!