American Corner Szeged

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Opened in March 2018, American Corner Szeged is the newest addition to the existing American Spaces in Hungary. It is located at Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Agora Community Center, which houses several STEM-related labs, exhibitions and programs giving the Corner a special focus on science, technology and entrepreneurship. The space is equipped with top-quality devices, including a 3D printer, and it is soon to become a Makerspace.

American Corner Szeged also has a collection of English language books and other resources to serve all the other general objectives of a modern AC. Apart from sharing information about the culture and values of the United States, its programs (discussion groups, workshops and talks) promote critical thinking, tolerance and engagement in general. Skills development is also a priority ranging from digital literacy to communication in English.

The Corner works in close cooperation with the University of Szeged, Agora Community Centre, schools and NGOs across the region.

The Corner hosts a number of programs including:

  • English Conversation Club
  • Cultural Conversations
  • Book Club
  • Thematic Speaker Series
  • Makerspace workshops with 3D printing
  • Mini-company hub for young entrepreneurs
  • Skills development workshops related to digital literacy, entrepreneurship, soft skills and more
  • Educational advising and alumni events
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