American Corner Debrecen

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Conversation Club at the American Corner Debrecen

The mission of American Corner Debrecen is to develop programming and provide services that connect local communities and individuals to American culture, values and society. The dynamic nature of programming and cooperation allows people to interact, get inspired, bring about change and succeed.

Since 2006 American Corner Debrecen has been building bridges between cultures and has become an integral part of Debrecen’s cultural and intellectual life through the strong network. Our strategic partners are NGOs, cultural and educational institutions, and individuals. It is a platform for unique encounters with speakers from all walks of life.

American Corner Debrecen is a place for exchanging, developing and implementing ideas. The welcoming, modern and cozy environment facilitates engagement and creative thinking. The programs give an opportunity to learn and challenge worldviews in a safe environment. The space makes information about the USA accessible to all via Internet access, a vast library collection, board games, movies and modern technology.

American Corner Debrecen is an EducationUSA Advising Center providing accurate, comprehensive and current information on studying opportunities at U.S. colleges and universities. Part of EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State network of more than 400 advising centers globally, the Corner actively promotes U.S. higher education and provides guidance and resources to international students who would like to continue their studies in the United States.

To take the first step toward U.S. studies, visit the website of EducationUSA, your official source on U.S. higher education, then schedule a consultation at the Advising Center at

“It is a piece of America in the heart of Debrecen for locals and internationals alike.”

As one of our members put it. For other visitors

“It is a place for exchanging ideas, making new friends and plans to develop and grow.”

The wide range of programming from regular programs to unique offers tailored to the needs of the local scene can be found below:

Regular programs:

  • English Conversation Club (weekly)
  • Global Communication and Leadership Skills for 2021 (biweekly)
  • From Debrecen to Hollywood (monthly)
  • American Mindset Step by Step (monthly)

Thematic programs

  • Soft and hard skills development workshops
  • American holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day)
  • Quiz nights, Board game nights
  • EducationUSA Advising sessions on on U.S. higher education opportunities

Unique porgrams

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GROW (Girls Rock Our World) Camp

Would you like to become a leader in your community? Do you have big plans for the future? Are you interested in international relations, social work and project management?

Sharpen your communication and leadership skills and build your confidence in the GROW Camp where you can learn from American diplomats, university staff and Hungarian professionals and alumni.

The program will consist of workshops and presentations in the following topics: human rights and democracy, leadership, media, civil society, women studies, women empowerment, digital age and self-management in the virtual world, etc. Apart from these sessions, team building games, art and sport activities will also be an integral part of the camp.

For more information, please contact American Corner Debrecen.

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Media Literacy Training

Teaches high school students to think outside of the box when it comes to the use of technology in spreading news, innovation, and ideas within their communities. The aim of the 10 session workshop series is to show the basics of journalism, enhance critical thinking of the world, and teach the mechanisms of democracy while increasing their media literacy and media consciousness. Participants will learn how to use photography, videos and articles to showcase their findings in an impactful and engaging way.

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Gateway to Success in Careers

The aim of the Gateway to Success in Careers workshop series is to bridge the gap between the needs of the employer and the employee by equipping participants with soft skills to better perform at job interviews and in the long run at the workplace throughout their careers.