American Corner Budapest

group of students sitting in a circle in a library

American Corner Budapest was opened in 2009 and is located at the Corvinus University of Budapest, close to Liberty Bridge and the Market Hall (Vásárcsarnok). The Corner works closely with partner institutions, schools, and universities across the region. It has a selected collection of English language books and DVDs in its library, and offers free internet access to its visitors. The Corner hosts a variety of  programs, presenting:

  • Various aspects of the American culture, history and art
  • American holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, July 4)
  • Talks by Fulbright scholars (both from the US and Hungary) as well as speakers from the US Embassy
  • Thematic monthly programs (African-American History Month, Women’s History Month, LGBT Month)
  • Conversation programs
  • TED Talk discussions

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a young man talking and gesturing in front of a TV screen, sitting in front of a couple of people looking on

Conversation Club

From students to grandmothers, everyone can participate in our Conversation Club sessions, featuring various topics of the day, led by skilled facilitators who will not let anyone sit in silence. If you want to practice your English, or simply exchange your ideas in a friendly, open environment, this is where you should come!

older man and young woman talking in front a bookcase full of books

TED Talk Discussions

The popular TED talks which aim to present a huge variety of topics in an inspiring way in a very short time present excellent material for discussions featuring a specific theme. After listening to a thought-provoking short video, the discussion is centered around the audience’s own experience, as well as how to put some of these ideas into practice. Come and experience the power of sharing ideas and community!

business woman is speaking on conference with microphone and ipad in hand

Public Speaking Training

Have you ever had to face a crowd, and wanted to do everything in your power to disappear from stage, even if you knew your topic well? Our public speaking training events focus on giving participants a range of tools that help them convey their message in an effective way, tailored to the audience, and most importantly: with confidence. This is a unique opportunity to stretch yourself in a direction which will serve you in almost any situation in your life.

African American man standing and talking in front of two sitting women

Thematic Monthly Events

A variety of monthly themes are highlighted each year: Native American History Month, African-American History Month, Women’s History Month, LGBT Month, Jazz Appreciation Month. The American Corner Budapest organizes various events that focus on these topics through US-Hungary comparisons, and engages the audience in discussions which raise awareness of their importance and relevance in our lives.