American Corner Budapest

American Corner office space in Budapest

Established in 2009 and located on the Campus of Corvinus University of Budapest, the American Corner Budapest (ACB) is a modern and advanced venue for public diplomacy engagement with Hungarian audiences fostering mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Hungary.

American Corner Budapest is a high-tech, multifunctional, educational and cultural information center, which meets the challenges of the digital age. It provides programs that introduce the local community and individuals to American society, culture and democratic values. The Corner offers free series of cultural programs for all ages, through presentations, interactive lectures, workshops and camps. Its educational programs create a platform, which can help potential leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs acquire valuable knowledge in a wide range of topics using the most modern technologies available.


If you would like to participate in the programs of American Corner Budapest, please check out its official Instagram profile for more details, or contact the staff via email


a young people talking with each other in front of a TV screen

Conversation Club

The Conversation Club offers the opportunity for participants to practice their English speaking skills with American discussion leaders. Each week, the club has a different topic but generally, the discussion revolves around American society, culture, and current issues. The recommended age for participation is 14+.

three speakers sitting on a stage and having discussion

Seminars on the History and Cultural Values of the United States

These events provide information on traditional American values and holidays, focusing on topics such as American history (with special attention to the history of minority groups in the U.S.), women’s’ rights, equality, milestones in American music, trends in American filmmaking, information about the presidential election, and other current issues.

Statue of Liberty in 3D printing

Educational Workshops

These occasions are usually 2 to 4-hour workshops for students and future entrepreneurs in areas of particular importance. The topics of the workshops include digital literacy, 3D printing, coding, essay writing, language exam preparation, public speaking and presentation skill development. Participation in our workshops is always free.

four young people performing on a stage

Improvisation Workshops and Live Performances

Drama pedagogical workshops, which are extremely popular in the United States, developing essential soft skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and presentation skills. Improvisation workshops are a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any personality type. In these open sessions, you can try out games and exercises about the principles behind improvisation. The recommended age for participation is 16+ and conversational-level English knowledge is required.

two teenage boys and two teenage girls are smiling through a frame

AC Visits with Interactive Presentations

This series provides high school student groups the opportunity to participate in interactive, fun quizzes in the American Corner, immersed in an authentic American environment. In the course of this program, students can expand their knowledge of American society, cultural values, and higher education opportunities.

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American Spaces Summer Camps

Our American Spaces Summer Camps are excellent opportunities for high school students to boost their English language conversation skills with native speakers and participate in fun, project-based activities in connection with currently emerging topics in American culture. Students can learn about the life of high school students in the US and they can also gain information about possible American scholarships. All students are awarded a certificate of participation at the end of the program.

one girl and one boy wear blue sweatshirts and hold a certificate in their hands while a man wearing grey jacket stands in the middle

American Corner Budapest Internship Program

Within the framework of the American Spaces Program, American Corner Budapest offers the opportunity for university students to participate in an official, one-semester Internship Program. Interns have the opportunity to participate in American Corner Budapest programs as a co-facilitator and to help with organization, the creation of program materials and promotional and social media content. They also give presentations in the Conversation Club and the High School Outreach Program.