Chargé Dillard’s Visit to Székesfehérvár

Historic Szekesfehervar is one of Hungary’s oldest cities, and on a visit to the city, Chargé D’Affaires Marc Dillard highlighted both the history and the present day role this important city has in our bilateral relationship, and how the U.S. contributes to the region as partner and Ally.

At the Bakony Combat Training Center, CDA Dillard saw soldiers from the U.S. 4th squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment who train together with their NATO partners in the Hungarian Defense Forces as part of NATO’s focus on the Eastern Flank.  As NATO members, the U.S. and Hungary are committed to the deterrence of adversaries and the defense of the entire Euro-Atlantic area.  In Szekesfehervar, Leaders of the Multinational Division-Center Headquarters briefed CDA Dillard on combined efforts of Hungarian Defense Forces, regional Allies, and the United States in Central Europe.

Mayor Andras Cser-Palkovics together with CDA Dillard discussed current challenges and opportunities in Szekesfehervar.  CDA Dillard shared that the U.S. is Hungary’s number two source of foreign investment.  Transatlantic economic cooperation can support prosperity and growth as economies worldwide are impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

At the “Kings and Saints” Arpad Dynasty Era exhibit in the King Saint Stephen Museum, Mr. Károly Belényesy highlighted for CDA Dillard some of the significant historical events that are commemorated in the exhibit.  Hungarians are rightly proud of their long European history!

To conclude the visit, CDA Dillard toured 2022 SelectUSA Summit participant Continest with CEO Vidor Kis-Marton, whose innovative products have contributed to job creation in Hungary and the U.S. with their collapsible container technology.  For more on SelectUSA and our bilateral relationship: