Economic Data & Reports

Hungarian National Bank

The Hungarian National Bank is the central bank of Hungary. It is a member of the European System of Central Banks. The primary objective of the Hungarian National Bank is to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the Hungarian National Bank supports the economic policy of the Government, using the monetary policy instruments at its disposal.

Ministry of Technology and Industry

The Ministry of Technology and Industry has a very wide portfolio. It is responsible for industrial development and mining affairs, domestic economy, circular economy transition strategy, transportation industry, employment policy and adult education, waste management and utility services, sustainability, energy and climate policy, social dialogue.

Government Debt Management Agency

The mission of the Government Debt Management Agency is to finance the government debt and the central government deficit at the lowest costs in the long run taking account of risks, at a high professional level and by using sophisticated methods.

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office is a professionally independent public administration agency under the government. The main tasks of the HCSO are designing and conducting surveys, recording, processing and storing data, data analyses and dissemination, and the protection of individual data. The Office provides data for the parliament and public administration, social organizations, local authorities, scientific bodies, economic organizations, the general public and the media as well as for international organizations and users abroad. Official data regarding the socio-economic situation as well as the changes in the population of the country are published by the HCSO.

Hungarian National Bank Statistics

This part of the Hungarian National Bank’s website contains press releases presenting the most important data of the statistics compiled by the Hungarian National Bank (including monetary, balance of payments and international investment position, securities, financial accounts, financial stability, money circulation and payment system statistics).